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Dear 7K Funds Fundraising Partner,

Congratulations on your decision to implement a 7K Funds Fundraiser Campaign.

There are a few times in the year when people think about giving solely for the benefit of others – the holiday season is an example. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your members could hang onto this desire to help your organization all year long? That’s why we created 7K Funds.

Using the wealth building power of the precious metals Gold and Silver, and the 21st Century Social Commerce revolution, 7K Funds provides a powerful system to allow your members to hold on to this giving feeling year round. Your supporters can act on the desire to support your cause every month by redirecting the way they allocate savings to a new safe and effective personal wealth building strategy.

Wealth inequality (a.k.a. wealth gap) is the unequal distribution of “assets” among residents of the United States. Wealth inequality is even more pronounced than income inequality. Experts equate wealth with net worth, the sum total of the value of your assets minus liabilities. This wealth equation has at its core the need for families to acquire and hold appreciating assets with a history of performance and growth. Appreciating asset accumulation leads to increased and ever growing net worth. Wealth building is best defined as asset building.

The 7K Funds Fundraiser offers the unique opportunity to incorporate wealth building education and greater giving to help provide long term residual income for you’re ministry and mission, Your decision to partner with our 7K Funds team will help raise consistent revenue for you’re worthy cause. Families and communities with greater tangible assets simply have more to give.

What makes the 7K Funds an effective fundraising program? The program is simple and efficient – there are no products to purchase, no inventory to manage, and nothing to track or deliver.

The FREE 7K Funds Guide is provided to educate your members and people in your community on how they can join our precious metals “Wholesale membership Club” (like Costco’s) and have beautiful U.S. Mint issued coins and bullion shipped regularly to their address. These are affordable appreciating assets that build personal wealth. The program helps accomplish your revenue objectives by making personal wealth and income building a reality for the families that support your mission.

The FREE 7K Funds Guide provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on planning and enjoying the benefits of a 7K Fundraising Campaign.   The best part is once you get started our program costs you nothing and can be implemented with minimal time commitment from staff and volunteers!.

The 7K Metals Associate who introduced the program to you, our nationwide leadership team and our 7K Metals corporate office are ready to help you implement and manage your campaign(s).

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