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Here are the facts about wealth:

  • Members with more wealth have more wealth to give to causes they care about.
  • To increase giving to the church, increase the wealth members have to give.
  • 7K Funds builds wealth with education on how to acquire wealth building assets.
  • 7K Funds impacts the wealth of members with affordable way to acquire valuable assets.

The facts are clear. Families that possess more wealth have more to give in support your ministry or worthy cause.

The most effective ways to increase giving therefore is to provide for the education and information to a community on how to acquire assets that build wealth.  We can immediately impact the community by sharing an affordable way to acquire valuable assets. Here are the facts.

  • Ownership of more assets will help close the wealth gap for American families.
  • Wealth building for American families is best accomplished when we free as much income as possible to acquire appreciating assets.

Here are facts about wealth building.

  • Wealth building for American families is accomplished when we free income to acquire appreciating assets.
  • Owning U.S. Mint. precious metals provides motivation for families to climb out of debt to free up cash to purchase assets.
  • Ownership of more assets will lead to closure of the wealth gap for American families.

Wealth Strategy Overview

Wealth Building Challenge:Image 6

Building wealth is like climbing a ladder. The best way to get to the top is one rung at a time starting at the first rung. At 7K Funds we have identified the steps onthe wealth building ladder and three objectives to increase net worth and build wealth to help close the American family wealth gap.


Objective No. 1. – Increase the number of assets the family owns.

The number one problem is how to get started acquiring assets with limited income. With the possible exception of real estate, very seldom do we hear about effective strategies on how to acquire wealth. We never hear wealth building on a budget. That is why 7K Metals created the powerful 7K Wealth Strategy.

  • Precious metals is the class of appreciating assets that are affordable for all families and provides a powerful solution to the challenges of how to get started building wealth for college, retirement, and your legacy.

At the risk of over simplification, the key to successful 7K wealth building for the majority of American families is to reach a point that they use as little of their household income as possible buying consumables and depreciating assets thus freeing as much income as possible to acquire more and more appreciating precious metal assets.


Objective No 2.    Decreasing or eliminate family debt

The primary reason why most families do not save enough, or invest very little is that they spend all their money supporting their lifestyle. They believe they will have to sacrifice their current lifestyle standard to do anything else. Therefore, they act on the notion they do not have enough “extra” money to save and invest.

  • Wealth Building is a matter of priorities but its also a matter of basic knowledge of viable alternatives and the motivation to act on the knowledge. The 7K wealth building system provides the answer to both.

The second reason families don’t get started acquiring assets is they feel they can’t succeed until they saved enough money to make a “good” down payment on tangible or intangible assets. Debt reduction and elimination is key to address this issue. There are many ways to approach this issue but we believe it is more about the motivation than the process.

ImageObjective No. 3. Leverage income from appreciating assets

The additional challenge and barriers to a commitment to purchasing wealth building assets is the perception that all assets have high up front costs thus requiring a large initial investment, a large down payment and the use of credit and debt. The 7K Wealth building strategy requires no large up from investment and no credit or debt are required. Once you get started you set the level that works for you.

  • The primary objective is to grow your assets to the point that they generate income. Then, use income produced by your assets to: a.) buy more appreciating assets b.) purchase debt free those things consumed or that depreciate

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Objective 4.  Wealth Building with Precious Metals

Precious Metals solves the problem of how to get started building wealth on a budget. Precious metals is the most affordable, effective and, almost risk free asset class for wealth building on a budget.

Here’s why its so important.  If you chose NOT to invest in precious metals and instead leave your money in a savings account or other bank saving instruments, things such as inflation and the constant devaluation of the dollar are consuming your money daily.  Savings in the bank are worth less every single day after inflation. Moving a portion of savings to purchase appreciating precious metal assets is the path to wealth.   In the end only results matter.