7K Metals Company


ntroducing 7K Metals

7K Metals is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, 7k Metals opened in the fall of 2016. The foundation of 7k begins with the idea of providing an innovative way of providing precious metal bullion. By utilizing the 7k Metals Wholesale Club Membership, our members have the ability to purchase precious metal coins, bars and rounds at our cost as a bullion metal vendor.

With our collective purchasing power, we are able to buy metals from the largest authorized distributors in the world. That saves money for even a modest purchaser. We know that with this model, we are changing the way people buy precious metals for the better. We simply sell it at a much lower price!

Beyond the obvious savings in coins and bullion precious metals, we have a revolutionary way to earn commission from referrals. The objective for our compensation plan removes the “unobtainable carrot” that so many people chase and redirects those commissions to very attainable $500 increments.

The key is to implement the program as a fundraising campaign strategy with a campaign chair and assigned committee members. Each campaign is to have a specific start and end dates. It is very important for this leadership group to take responsibility by setting specific goals, benchmarks, a specific start and end date and marketing for your campaign(s).

Our management team places the highest priorities in security, dependability and integrity. Take a look on the “Founders” page under the “About Us” menu above for more information.

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