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Wealth Building Strategy

There are two basic ways to increase net worth and therefore build wealth to help close the wealth gap for American families.

The first is the very seldom heard discussed other side of the coin of wealth building.   The first approach is to increase the number and value of assets the family owns.

The second, that we often hear and read about if the reduction of the debt held against the assets owned (assuming you own assets and they have not deprecated in value before the end of their useful life).

Wealth Building with Precious Metals solves the problem of how to get started building wealth on a budget. Precious metals is the most affordable, effective and, almost risk free strategy for wealth building on a budget.

 Here’s why:  If you chose not to invest and instead leave your money in a savings account, things such as inflation and the constant devaluation of the dollar are consuming it daily.  Savings in the bank are worth less every single day. Moving a portion of your savings to purchase appreciating precious metal assets is the path to wealth.   In the end it is only results that matter.

Here’s proof:

“If you and your family had purchased one MS 70 American Silver Eagle coin per month since 1986 your collection of coins would potentially have the value of over $1 Million dollars in todays collectors market.”

  • Owning real beautiful appreciating tangible precious metal assets produced by the U.S. Mint. can provide the motivation for families to find hidden dollars to help climb out of debt and free up cash to put their income to work purchasing these appreciating assets.
  • Precious metals are very affordable. U.S. Mint issued Silver coins are amazingly as low as $20 per 1 oz. and they can be held in your hands or even displayed for others to see.
  • Precious metal purchases are how the average individual or family can make great financial decisions and have fun doing so in their very own asset building, coin and bullion collecting program they share.
  • Precious metals are assets that can easily be converted to cash if or when needed.
  • Precious metals is that class of valuable, appreciating assets that is best suited to help close the wealth gap in America.

Why Join 7K Metals?

Famous author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Books Robert Kyiosaki said: “Poor people work, rich people network.” You, your members and your community can getstarted building your network and your wealth with the 7K Metals Wealth Strategy education program.

The 7K Metals Wealth Strategy is built on making precious metals from the U.S. Mint and around the world available in “at cost” wholesale process through an 

annual membership like Costco’s. It is designed to be your source for the best possible answer to your needs. Our goal is to provide the tools and confidence you need to launch of your own wealth and legacy building endeavor.

According to the survey by Charles Schwab, a person today needs an average of $2.4 million to be considered a wealthy person in America. They surveyed Americans, aged 21 to 75. Only about 10% of Americans have a net worth of $1 million or more, according to a 2017 report by investor research firm.   There are two questions that are probably at the top of mind at this point.

  • Where can the typical family buy precious metals made available by the U.S. Mint?
  • How can the typical family get the best possible price when purchasing precious metals?

The 7K Guide and our Leadership Team share how to get affiliated with a powerful emerging business model.

  • You get a access to a Six Figure Gold and Silver “Portfolio” and Six Figure “Income” Strategy
  • You get Dealer-Direct, At Cost Wholesale pricing on pure Gold and silver.
  • You get answers where to securely buy U.S. Mint Gold & Silver coins, bullion.
  • You get access to coins, bullion certified by PCGS and NGC the two top precious metals graders.

The 7K Program shares how to get affiliated with a powerful emerging business model to achieve your goals. 



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