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Law 7

Build a solid foundation for your campaign

—We know that finding new donors and sustainable revenue to support your mission or ministry is not an easy task for a church or non-profit organization.

Using the 7K Funds Wealth Building Strategy and social commerce approach allows you to positively leverage relationships to fill the need.

The 7K Funds Fundraiser offers the unique opportunity to incorporate wealth building education and greater giving to help provide long term residual income for you’re ministry and mission, Your decision to partner with our 7K Funds team will help raise consistent revenue for you’re worthy cause. Families and communities with greater tangible assets simply have more to give and they give more.


—7K Funds works as an online platform for non-profit organizations to benefit from a unique social commerce fundraising model made available by 7K Metals™.

—Your supporters capture a way to build wealth for their retirement and their legacy by acquiring appreciating and wealth building assets in the form of gold and silver precious metals.

—You partner with the 7K Metals to educate and share the Wealth Building strategies with your membership and produce revenue for non-profit organization.

Your members join our Wholesale Buyers Club” (like Costco’s) and receive the ability to purchase gold and Silver precious metals produced by the U.S. Mint “at our cost wholesale prices.”


What makes 7K Funds the best fundraising program is the fact that the program is simple:

  • no products for your church or non-profit to purchase,
  • —no inventory to manage, nothing to package or deliver.

—Your members are educated and given the opportunity to join a Wholesale Precious Metals Membership Club (like Costo’s) to purchase beautiful U.S. Mint produced coins and bullion to build their personal wealth.

—When members acquire precious metal assets through their 7K Metals membership, they will be helping you raise consistent support for your worthy cause at the same time they are creating generational wealth that appreciates over time and is virtually tax free.