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—What makes 7K Funds the best fundraising program is the fact that the program is simple:

  • —No products  to purchase
  • No inventory to manage
  • No packages to deliver.
  • No money to manage
  • No overhead
  • No membership cost

—Your members are educated and given the opportunity to join a Wholesale Precious Metals Membership Club (like Costo’s) to purchase beautiful U.S. Mint produced coins and bullion to build their personal wealth.

—When members do they will be helping you raise consistent support for your worthy cause at the same time moving into a 7K Wealth Building Strategy.

—One of the best part is once you get enrolled and get started, our program costs you nothing. 

  •  the campaigns can be implemented by volunteers with minimal time commitment from you and your staff!
  • —The 7K Funds Guide provides step-by-step instructions on planning and enjoying the your 7K Fund Fundraising Campaign.
  • ——Local 7K Metals affiliates are available to help you develop, implement and manage your campaign(s).
  • —You no longer have to rely on age old bake sales, car washes and fish fries to fund church ministry projects.
  • —You get more time to focus on ministry and more resources for your mission.
  • You develop a consistent and reliable funding source for your organization.
“We have worked with Avada Law for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Avada Law know us and our business.”


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Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status

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